Our Fleet

Curious about how ECOBRAP is able to reduce their carbon footprint so effectively? Here is some information about our vehicle choices that allow us to be both efficient, and cost-effective in the process. If you are inspired by some of our choices, take a look at our "Calculator" page, which will tell you how much CO2 and $ you will save by upgrading to a fuel efficient vehicle.


This is the truck we use to tow our trailer. It is a 2WD 2016 Ram 1500 HFE Ecodiesel. Empty, this truck can give us 30MPG highway, and over 23MPG in the city. We bought the truck as a certified pre-owned vehicle. It was two years old, with 25,000 miles, and cost $26,200 (taxes included) out the door. A new vehicle in this trim level would cost anywhere from $30-40k. Keep in mind that although modern small displacement diesel trucks get great fuel mileage, they tend to be most reliable when used for highway/towing use only.


This is the enclosed car hauler that we use to tow our race car. It is a 2007 Montrose Aluminum Car Trailer. The trailer weighs around 1500lbs in total, far lighter than any other enclosed car trailer on the market. It is low profile and aerodynamic, which is what allows us to get such unbelievable fuel consumption numbers while towing. We bought the trailer on the used market for $6300. A new trailer from Montrose would cost $13-14k, with a more modern design.


This is our 1999 Mazda Miata Race Car. It competes in a series called Spec Miata, which involves tight rule restrictions that keep the playing field level. This car is living proof that you don't need 500 horsepower and 6 liters to have fun. The car only uses about 4 gallons of fuel per 30 minute race, about half that of higher displacement vehicles. This car was built new for close to $40,000, but we bought it 4 years old for $20,000. You can find ones as low as $6,000-7,000 to get started. We will be skipping practice and qualifying to save fuel, forcing us to start dead freakin last (DFL) every race weekend! This will also be the only car in the field utilizing a catalytic converter!


This is our 2015 Honda Grom. It is powered by a 125cc 4 stroke engine, and is equipped with a 4 Speed Manual Transmission. Not only is this option far better for the environment than a two stroke pit bike, it is also street legal and can get over 100MPG. The Grom was purchased 1 year old, for $3100. A new model would cost around $4k out the door. A lot of money for a pit bike, but these motorcycles retain their value over time, providing plenty of smiles per gallon in the process.


One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint as an auto/moto enthusiast, is to not use your tow vehicle or track day warrior as a daily driver. Buying an Eco-Beater will reduce your emissions drastically. This 2003 Toyota Prius cost us $2700 on the used market, and still gets 43MPG. We won't defend the stereotypical Prius driver, but the Prius itself is one of the best cars of the 21st century. This one is equipped with front and side airbags, touch screen interface, cruise control, and a good standard sound system. The 2nd generation models (2004-2009) are known for incredible reliability, and can be found on the used market for less than $5k. Be wary of battery condition when shopping for a hybrid ecobeater.


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